Jesús Javier Reglero Sánchez


Jesús holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas - ICADE and holds a master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Since completing his studies, he has developed his professional career in different national and international investment banks, among which UBS, Lazard, Goldman Sachs and N + 1 stand out. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work in different corporate operations for all types of clients, including multinationals, industrial companies, companies listed in IBEX 35, venture capital funds and family businesses.

Jesus has developed his professional career with a focus on the Spanish market and has worked with a large number of companies, both public and private. However, its various positions and responsibilities have always allowed it to develop transnational operations between Spanish companies and foreign companies or vice versa, completing a substantial international experience in Europe, America and Asia.

From the point of view of specialization, this has been more geographic than sectoral, although the energy, industrial, services, construction and real estate sectors are those in which it has more experience having participated in more projects and closed executions.

In addition to his professional experience in the investment banking sector, Jesús has a very active involvement in the academic world. He is an associate professor at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas - ICADE, giving classes related to corporate finance both in undergraduate and postgraduate programs or courses "In-company". Some of the subjects taught are mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, business valuation ... In this area, Jesus is the director of two online education programs for the division of Grupo Planeta, Online Business School in Financial Management and Master in Banking, Financial Markets and Asset Management).

Jesus has a variety of hobbies and hobbies, including traveling, reading, practicing sports such as golf, skiing and tennis, as well as having debates and discussions on current issues, especially with the lobbying and public affairs sector, after attending a course taught by The Pontifical University of Comillas and MAS Consulting titled "Postgraduate in Public Affairs".


RS Corporate Finance has different collaborators to execute the projects and to bring the maximum added value to its clients. The involvement of these depends on each project and the needs of the clients. They are professionals with extensive experience in different areas of corporate finance and specific sectors (for example, renewable energy or real estate).

In addition, RS Corporate Finance has a close relationship with an extensive network of professionals, investment banks and specialized consulting firms outside of Spain, mainly in Europe, Switzerland, America and Asia, with whom it collaborates to assist its clients in the coordination of projects Where these may be necessary.