“Adquisitions are the easiest and fastest way to grow for companies and at the same time the easiest and quickest way to destroy value if they are not done properly”.

RS Corporate Finance advises its clients on processes of acquisitions of companies or assets, either in the same sector or in sectors where diversification is sought.

The collaboration scheme is flexible and varies according to the needs of the client, working on some exclusive projects or collaborating with other financial advisers or investment banks. Processes can include a search phase for companies that meet a number of requirements in a particular sector or execute an already identified acquisition.


Private company in the construction sector that is interested in expanding to the hospital sector where it can export its current management capabilities.

RS Corporate Finance acted as collaborator and financial advisor of the company since the beginning of the process. Firstly, RS Corporate Finance assisted the company in selecting the best investment bank for the process that had been designed and subsequently, once the client signed the consulting contract, RS Corporate Finance and the financial advisor acted as joint financial advisors in the analysis of the target company, interacting with the sellers and performing all the financial analyzes that were necessary.


"When a company or asset is sold, it must be taken into account that each process is different and the main objective of the financial advisor is to manage and structure and structure the process most appropriate to the situation of the asset to be sold and the seller".

RS Corporate Finance advises its clients on divestments of any type of asset according to its size, complexity or location. Each sales process is different and RS Corporate Finance is responsible for making a diagnosis of the initial situation and working together with the client in the design of the optimal sales process to execute the project. RS Corporate Finance relies on its experience in previous operations and deep knowledge of industrial and financial investors that can fit with the target asset or company for the divestment.


Global company with a presence in the renewable energy sector, with wind and photovoltaic assets, with an interest in selling assets and rotating assets in operation to obtain funds that are reinvested in projects in promotion.

RS Corporate Finance acted as financial advisor in the process of sale of various international assets and search of interested investors in major or minority stakes. In these processes, RS Corporate Finance designed and structured the most appropriate sales processes together with its client to successfully execute operations


“Mergers, alliances and joint ventures are likely to be the most attractive corporate operations for a company but most likely to end up destroying shareholder value for both groups ".

RS Corporate Finance offers services in company integration operations both from the shareholder viewpoint and from the point of view of certain businesses and the possible establishment of strategic alliances or joint ventures to join forces with a new product or in a new market.


Renewable energy company that is exploring the possibility of creating a strategic alliance with an investment fund to grow in a certain sector. The alliance consists of establishing the works that will be carried out jointly and which of the parties will be responsible for realizing them so as to act jointly in the future projects.


"In corporate development, our intention is to be close to our customers and act as if we were the internal corporate development department of the company itself for as long as the client establishes timely"

RS Corporate Finance participates in projects with companies that need to have support in the area of corporate development, in the broad sense in the medium and long term.

The services offered in these projects are to support the General Direction or Financial Management, with a stable and flexible collaboration scheme, in all the corporate development projects that the company has and in which RS Corporate Finance can bring differential added value.


Spanish company listed in the industrial sector that has an established business model and cash generator with a very important component of revenues from international markets and exports

RS Corporate Finance collaborated with the company in the analysis of investment opportunities both in Spain and in other international markets, to analyse possible divestitures of non-strategic assets, internationalization and search of partners or alliances.

In this process, RS Corporate Finance worked together with the company and its management team on the projects being studied, during the first weeks, making a diagnosis of the situation and the main objectives that were wanted to achieve with the project. From that moment on, a working team was established between the company and RS Corporate Finance that worked together with the progress of the project.

Corporate development projects do not usually carry a specific operation or project in their reach, but are more a regular support to clients and often carry several projects.


"All companies can give a return to the strategy in a few days and always come up with new ideas, simple to implement and can generate hidden value not perceived".

RS Corporate Finance advises companies that wish to make strategic plans or management initiatives aimed at making a substantial change in their business or business activities. In these projects, RS Corporate Finance assists the company in developing ideas and obtaining results, focusing mainly on the impact of the measures or the new strategy on the company's finances, both income statement and balance sheet situation and state of cash flows.


Industrial company with a high degree of international sales and foreign clients located mainly in Europe that is interested in analysing possible alternatives to maximize the profitability of its production.


"In financial advice, there is also innovation and new corporate structures that are capable of solving problems and situations that were previously unknown. Have an open mind towards projects that have never been done"

RS Corporate Finance offers advisory services tailored to customer needs, including any aspect related to corporate finance, financing, partner agreements, refinancing or investment. In these situations, RS Corporate Finance and the client initially make a diagnosis of the situation and analyse what the client's needs are and the scope of services that RS Corporate Finance can provide. Also included are sales of minority stakes or promotion of MBO operations by management teams to take control of certain companies.


Advice to a company in the sector of market analysis in the acquisition of a company of the same sector including collaboration with the financial management in the design of the operational and financial restructuring to complete, as well as the search of the agreement to refinance the financial liability before Complete the operation. The collaboration was completed with the agreement after the operation to advise on the integration of companies and complete the operational and financial restructuring.


"It's time to look at all the sources of financing available, not just the traditional bank financing of the past, there are more funds available than we really think"

RS Corporate Finance is not a financial institution nor does it have funds available to provide capital, but it has experience in processes in which companies have needed the search for financing either in the form of debt, equity or hybrid instruments to develop their activity. In this same activity, RS Corporate Finance advises in the diagnosis of the sources of financing of the company and works together to establish which are alternative sources of complementary financing. Such as entry of venture capital funds or search for financing in the capital markets.

Also, in recent years, RS Corporate Finance has participated in restructuring processes of the financial liabilities of companies that have had to structure their existing financing according to the new scenario of business expectations and generation of cash flows.


Advice to a company of the construction sector in the acquisition of a company of the services sector and look for financing to complete the purchase. In this process, the job of RS Corporate Finance was the overall advice in the whole process including the advisory phase in the negotiation of the purchase of the target company, as well as the structuring and analysis of the most adequate financing source to comply with the objectives.


Advice to a company in the sector of analysis and market studies in the acquisition of a company of the same sector in pre-bankruptcy situation and search of the optimal structure of the financing of the company, as well as the adequate capital structure of the target company.


Advice to the renewable energy company in the search of financial investors to take a stake in the company through an injection of funds necessary to re-capitalize the company and finance the investment needs to reduce costs and return to the market with a few more competitive costs.


"International expansion is probably the most interesting project from a business point of view but where more knowledge, talent and intelligence is needed to be successful"

RS Corporate Finance collaborates in projects with companies that are interested in increasing their international exposure in other countries of the world, either through organic growth or through corporate operations. These mandates are usually long-term in which RS Corporate Finance and the management team point to a specific region as an expansion objective and proceed to analyse the market's attractiveness and the most appropriate development paths, based on the experience of RS Corporate Finance in similar projects.


Spanish industrial and energy company with a productive presence in the Spanish market which has a high percentage of exports and is looking forward to increasing its productive and investment presence in countries outside Spain, in Europe, America and Asia. RS Corporate Finance participated in a collaboration in which helped to identify the main drivers of growth in each region and to identify the main alternatives, both through organic growth and through search partners or corporate operations, to enter these markets.


"The best way you have to know if your advisor is aligned with you is to ask him to reinvest part of his fees subject to the success of the transaction"

RS Corporate Finance is not an investment fund nor does it have the balance to co-invest with its clients. However, in some complex operations where the alignment between the client and the financial advisor is critical, the fee structure that can be offered includes a variable part in which part of it is reinvested in the project in which RS Corporate Finance participates, thus ensuring that the client and the advisor are aligned in decision making.


A private energy sector energy company that launches a capital-seeking process for its future projects. The fee schedule was designed to fully align RS Corporate Finance and the company by setting some of the fees for success as they were invested in the funds raised.